UL0080- Denture Brush with stragiht handle.

Unit Packing : Each in a Blister Card/Opp bag

Packing size :21.5x7.2cm

Features & Specifications : 

1.Dnetures require daily brushing for freshness and effervescent cleansers alone can not remove all food particles and stains.
2.Denture Bursh is recommended by dentists to help you get a more thorough clean.

1.Rinse your denture to remove bits of food after eating and brush your denture at least one time per day.
2.Brush over a folded towel or sink full of water, so it won't be damaged if you drop it.

3.Clean carefully around clasps to ensure you remove all bacterial and food, Scrub gently to avoid damaging it.

Measurement : 44.0x45.0x46.5 cm  288 Cards/CTN



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